We structure sale, purchase or rental processes that allow us to guarantee the execution. We mediate during the transaction in the resolution of legal, real estate and/or financial issues. 

With specialists in all fields, our team provides valuable solutions to any type of real estate need in any sector.

We combine our deep industry knowledge, extensive experience and current market trends to provide strategic advice to optimize any type of real estate asset.

We offer feasibility study, negotiation, co-investor search, due diligence, asset analysis and complete market research, strategic planning, process marketing and schedule definition.


Due Diligence
We provide a personalized and in-depth analysis of the commercial management aspects in reference to market timing in acquisitions and sales of any type of profitable real estate.


Urban Planning
Urban planning shapes any real estate operation. Expert advice in this area, capable of defining the best possible permits, will make the difference in terms of the value and viability of any property.


Search for investment opportunities in profitable real estate assets adjusted to the risk profile and strategy of our clients. We analyze your needs, identify the type of product that best fits and design management, investment or divestment strategies fully adapted to your investor profile and the movements of the Catalan market. 


Our experts are highly recognized in their respective fields, which allows us to apply specific and precise knowledge to each mandate.




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