Land management and construction stoppage

Land management and construction stoppage

Specialization and local knowledge. Our keys.
In all our years of experience in the sector, we have understood that what is important is the knowledge of the portfolio under management and the way in which it is transferred to potential clients.


Customer service and information are fundamental when making any type of economic investment. We are prepared.


We have the knowledge, the departments and the commercial staff to be able to effectively manage any land portfolio.


We work with the main players in the market, managing, to date, exclusively, a portfolio of land worth 30M in Barcelona and Girona Province.


Our strategy.

Individually study all the assets in the portfolio.


Review of the urban planning parameters for their correct management.


Classification of the land by typology

Final land -> Residential / Industrial / Tertiary land.
Land under management
Rustic land

Determine the potential target

Target customer
Client promoter

5.Publication of the product according to typology in online showcase


6.Signage of the whole product with posters.



We are going to value the land with the objective of sale and disinvestment or, if necessary, development and accompaniment of the promotion.


Shall we talk about it?


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