Management and marketing of real estate

Management and marketing of real estate

We manage real estate and large portfolios in order to meet the needs of our clients, through customized sale or rental processes.

At Garrell RE we offer our clients a complete and personalized service in the management of their real estate assets, from the execution to the supervision of all the tasks related to the real estate, technical, financial and any other necessary task in the exploitation of the properties, as well as the continuous optimization of their market value.


We define a real estate strategy and a tenant mix according to the real estate market situation at any given time.
We reduce the non-recoverable costs of each building through energy savings, optimization of the efficiency of the facilities, analysis of taxes associated with the property and a CAPEX plan.
We identify the optimal moment to divest the assets.
We manage Real Estate Assets: We provide personalized advice to our clients to offer them a service that allows them to optimize the profitability of their real estate assets.
We offer Real Estate Audit and Asset Optimization services that, thanks to our experience and knowledge, allow us to provide added value to all our clients.

Operational INDEPENDENCE generating a specialized methodology that allows an independent and autonomous management, according to the needs of each client. We have total independence with each of our clients.


QUALIFIED TEAM in the different operational areas, offering a specialized and highly competitive service. 


TECHNOLOGICAL SUPPORT created especially according to our needs. We have extensive knowledge of all the platforms used by the different banking services. This allows us to combine the best of banking and real estate applications and enables us to integrate our clients' information systems in an optimal way, achieving a high level of efficiency in the shortest possible time.


INNOVATION in the marketing of real estate assets and investment in differentiated campaigns with a clear focus on the end customer consolidate our position in innovation.


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